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Deep Zoom Composer User Guide

Deep Zoom Composer User Guide

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To access the User Guide, make sure you have the latest version of Deep Zoom Composer installed and go to Help | User Guide or press F1:


If you reached this post via the User Guide link found in the Welcome Screen, rest assured that we will fix that bug in the near future. Clicking the User Guide link should open the user guide and not take you to a blog post :)


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  • Eric - I have posted a PDF version here:


  • Awesome, thanks a ton!  I think this is going to make showing the grandparents the metric ton of kids photos real slick!!

  • I'm wondering if DeepZoom would be something that would work well for a photo gallery?  I have over 20 gigs of 10 megapixel family photos and I upload new ones every month or so.  Could you programmatically create DeepZoom images and then have my family (some of which are on 28k modems) view optimized smaller versions of the images and then zoom in if they wanted to see a more detailed version?

  • MIX 08 の基調講演において Silverlight 2 の新機能として注目を集めたものに Deep Zoom という技術があります。ちょうど、Virutal Earth 技術を使っている Live

  • One of the coolest things shown at MIX08 was Deep Zoom. Deep Zoom is a technology that came from a technology

  • One of the coolest things shown at MIX08 was Deep Zoom. Deep Zoom is a technology that came from a technology

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  • I created my Star Wars Deep Zoom preview and really liked it, but then contacted the author of the site

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  • Shiit is happened!(c)Forrest Gump

  • Depuis la mise a disponibilité de Silverlight 2 au Mix08 il y a eu beaucoup d'articles, de blogs sur

  • It has been three weeks since we annouced Silverlight 2 at MIX08. Many of you are excited to getting

  • I had to learn DeepZoom recently and along the way I put together some handy notes .. below are the notes

  • Es ist mir leider im Trubel der letzten Wochen entgangen: Das deutschsprachige Silverlight Developer

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