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Deep Zoom Composer User Guide

Deep Zoom Composer User Guide

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To access the User Guide, make sure you have the latest version of Deep Zoom Composer installed and go to Help | User Guide or press F1:


If you reached this post via the User Guide link found in the Welcome Screen, rest assured that we will fix that bug in the near future. Clicking the User Guide link should open the user guide and not take you to a blog post :)


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  • Check out the quick version of my digital portfolio using Deep Zoom!  Once they get layout debugged, I think this technology is really going to take off.

    I love DZC!

  • Over at the Expression Blend blog, Microsoft released a tool for Silverlight 2.0 to preview release called the Deep Zoom Composer . The user guide has also been released . So what does this do for you? Well if you are developing HD photo applications

  • Today we covered Deep Zoom, based on Seadragon technology, which allows the users of our Silverlight

  • When the RTM of Deep Zoom Composer will re released?

  • Sometime in the near future. In case you are interested, we just released another update to Deep Zoom Composer yesterday :)

  • are you guys planning on updating the guide, seeing as you have updated deep zoom composer quite a bit?

    the output section provides very little info, and noe of the options that are now part of DZC.

    documentation sorta helps, don't you think - or is this tool simply meant for those internal people already in the know?

    pu-leaze!  give us some doc's here already

  • trevor - yes, the guide will be updated for our final release. We plan on actually providing more formal documentation both inside the application and online.



  • you said we would have documentation with final release. When do you plan to do that?



  • George - you have documentation right now in the latest version of DZC. You can also browse the same documentation online here:

    If there is something that isn't adequately being covered by our documentation, feel free to let us know by responding.


    Kirupa :)

  • In the latest zoom composer (version    &    Date Published: 4/16/2009)  there is no facility to export as SilverLight Project.

  • thank you for letting me use this fine tool and i am most anxious to try all the new prospects as i am an artist.  j.bradley

  • Es ist absolut unmöglich für mich diese englischen Kommentare zu verstehen. Leider "tut" auch kein Übersetzungs-Tool. D.h. für mich ist hier dieses Ganze unbrauchbar...

  • every time i try to download this software keeps throwing error's stateing package cannot be opened and not microsoft certified??????

  • I also came here from, pressing More Info at the Deep Zoom Composer icon there (next to the download option for it)

  • also, you'll see below that many other posts on the web point to here for the user guide, so why not add a URL here to take one to the user guide online? (without having to download the s/w first to see what it's about)

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