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Download the Preview of the Deep Zoom Composer

Download the Preview of the Deep Zoom Composer

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One of the slew of new things that is being released at MIX today is the Deep Zoom Composer powertoy:


If you have followed the Silverlight 2 Beta 1 announcements, Silverlight 2 includes support for the Deep Zoom technology to allow you to quickly and smoothly zoom in on really large images. If you want to see an amazing implementation of the Deep Zoom technology, check out the Hard Rock Memorabilia site:

What is the Deep Zoom Composer?
Deep Zoom Composer allows you to quickly import your own images, arrange and position them to your liking, and export the final output as either a Deep Zoom Image or Collection that can be fed into Silverlight's MutliScaleImage control. This means that you too can use your own images and display them using our Deep Zoom technology.

Click the link below to download the free preview version:

dzcicon Download the Deep Zoom Composer

Because we are currently at MIX, we haven't had  a chance to write a detailed post outlining all of the cool things you can create. Rest assured, we'll be explaining more about this application in future blog posts, but until then, feel free to try this out and let us know what you think.

Celso, Janete, Kirupa, and Lutz


FYI: In case you are curious, Deep Zoom is related to the SeaDragon technology that we have been demoing in our PhotoSynth application for a while.

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  • Silverlight 2 Beta1に対応したDeep Zoomテクノロジを使用した画像を合成する Deep Zoom Composer が公開されています。 Deep Zoomは複数解像度の画像を階層的に持ち、巨大な画像をインタラクティブに描画するテクノロジです。

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  • I notice you gave no credit to Benoit Mandelbrot---why is that?


    p.s. if you are less than 25 then I was creating similar images before you were born... author of FracTools and FracZooms

  • I have nothing to say! You should watch this demo from Michael Schwarz , it is really impressive. Today

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  • I've been playing around with this quite a bit but it always seems to degrade my images.  Also, why have an option to import different file formats when DZC changes then into JPGs anyway?  And surely there should be a manual compression setting?

    Cool bit of kit though...

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