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MIX08 Session: XAML-Ready Agency with Expression Blend

MIX08 Session: XAML-Ready Agency with Expression Blend

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We had such a blast at MIX08!  I hope you had a great time too. I had a session on Friday called XAML-Ready Design Agency with Expression Blend. I feel very happy for meeting all the folks that were able to join us during the session. I have published all the assets for my session including the DeepZoom “slide deck” we used during the session (We decided not to use PowerPoint anymore, just DeepZoom, thanks to Kirupa).

I’m also including my source Expression Design file to my slides and all the other assets by Celso, Sam Paye, Kim Sealls and Dan Cook. Now you can see for yourself how some of the assets used in the presentation such as the image you see below were created:


Feel free to re-use, just add a note mentioning the source :-) You can find more news about training related topics for designers @



Arturo | Designer Audience Product Manager

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