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What Topics Would You Like to See Covered Here?

What Topics Would You Like to See Covered Here?

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Over the past month, we released beta versions of Expression Blend 2 and Expression Design 2, a preview of Expression Blend 2.5, and a preview of Deep Zoom Composer. With four new releases, there is a steady supply of interesting topics for all of us to write about on this blog. To give you a preview of what future posts will contain, we’ll probably elaborate a bit more on the list of the new features Blend 2 has, describe more of the Deep Zoom Composer, and also shower you with information on Design 2!

This brings me to my request. While we try to write about things that interest you as well as us, do you have any particular topics that you would like us to write about more? Don’t be shy - let us know via the comments below, and we will try to work your request into our regularly scheduled programming :P


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  • I'd like to see more information on how to integrate the Expression tools into an existing .Net environment. Some tips on how to "sell" the development staff on how this will change the interaction between designer and developer. Like some of the comments above, a testimonial or real world integration diagram would be great.

  • L'd like to see more how-to work with animation and dynamic object and positions

    (ex: listbox containing observable collection of objects - when I mouseover any item, I want an zoom effect and when I mouse leave, etc...)

    Very difficult or impossible for me to do it with Blend 2.5;


  • Need more info on smart custom controls that can use the properties tab to configure the control and even drop in dummy data or depending on the elements in the control with change the types of things you can change in the properties tab.

    I like the vector and raster scaling ability for web or app, however I would like to see more flexibility all of the Adobe File Formats. For example the ability to Pull in Layered files and be able to separate the art layer by layer and add it into the resources. Also to convert Vector file to EPS or AI to XAML.

  • Thanks for all of the great suggestions everyone :) I'll pass this link around to my colleagues, and please continue to post suggestions on what you all would like to see.



  • Artwork creation tutorials to be used in WPF apps.

  • Hi everyone, For the past month, all of the feedback and questions about the Deep Zoom Composer (DZC)

  • Designtime extensibilty support for blend. We know ther is (allthough very poor) some support in blend already. But only very few documents about it. Tell us how it works. By example. Tell us what features are there.

  • More blog posts covering, in detail, every new feature in the new Blend builds!!

  • How about some perspectives on your personas?  I am integrating the software in my division and specifically looking at the designer/developer internal workflow.   I came across Elvis on the development side, but haven't come up with a designer persona.   Obviously not looking for details, but interested in your viewpoint to incorporate that into my work, if possible.

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