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Deep Zoom Composer Forum + Filtering Code/Example

Deep Zoom Composer Forum + Filtering Code/Example

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Hi everyone,
For the past month, all of the feedback and questions about the Deep Zoom Composer (DZC) were posted here on the blog. To make it easier on everyone, we found a better place for you all to post questions, send us feedback, etc. That location is the Deep Zoom Composer forum. If there any questions that you had asked us earlier that we didn’t notice, please re-post that in our forum.

This is something that many of you have asked us about. We’ve been busy working on the next preview version of Deep Zoom Composer, so we haven’t been able to post an example for you all to use. Thankfully, Wilfred Pinto has done some really nice work with the Deep Zoom technology, and you can see all of his examples (including filtering, clicking on a subimage, etc.) here:

This blog will probably go a bit quiet on Deep Zoom material until we have our next release (soon!), but expect interesting topics on Expression Blend, Expression Design, and other things you all mentioned in the previous post instead.

Kirupa :)

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