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What Would You Like to See in the Next Versions of Blend and Design?

What Would You Like to See in the Next Versions of Blend and Design?

Even though we just shipped Expression Blend and Design 2, we are already busy planning what to do for future releases. To better help us with our planning, we'd like to hear from you.

What are some things that you would like to see in Blend and Design? What are some of the things that you wish were done differently? Also, what are some of the things in our products that you like?

Let us know by posting in the comments below! We take your feedback very seriously, and your input goes a long way in helping us improve our products.


(On a related note, based on feedback from many of you, this blog has been restyled. A big thanks to Tim Sneath for the help.)

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  • Blend Features for Silverlight:

    a) As part of my development cycle I need to continuously test my output in different resolutions (i.e. anywhere from 1024x768 to 1600x1200). In expression web they give you this feature to open a new browser session in different resolution. A great feature and time saver. However in Blend for SL, I constantly have to change resolutions manually to test, which is very time consuming.

    b) It would be great to have a feature in the environment setting "Load last project at startup". If set to True, then Blend would load the last project worked on.

    I open and close Blend a lot, and this would be a great time saver.

    Secondly, it would be nice for Blend to read the VS Project setting, i.e. "Startup Page".

    c) We really need some animation effects built into Bend For Silverlight to compete with Flash world. I'm pushing Blend and SL among developers/designer, but It's hard to get near Flash effects.

    Thank you for great job!


  • Here is my wishlist (from!E17530AA6EFF7871!433.entry )

    1. extensive designtime support for cutom controls (Microsoft.Windows.Design.dll);

    2. a plugin architecture to write true plugins for blend

    3. better 3D content authoring support (mesh editing, texturing, animation) or give us an external tool with a workflow that really works (maybe the Microsoft Truespace team can do something for you  ); currently building WPF 3D scenes that are little bit more complex is a very timeconsuming task even if you have very good 3D artists in place

    4. XAML intellisense

    5. XAML outlining (folding xml elements) like in Visual Studio

    6. HSV mode in Blend's colorpicker

    7. sourcecontrol integration

  • - full import of AI and SVG files in Design, including texts, groups and object names.

  • More unified *sane* design of Blend GUI itself:

    * calm 'Windows standard' color schema

    * draggable sub-windows

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone, and please do keep the comments rolling!

    Many of us on the team have looked through this, and there have even been some in-person and e-mail conversations around what you have all suggested.


  • * SCC integration is a must!

    * Collapsable menus (Vis Studio stylee)

    * XAML Intellisense

    Great job so far!!!

  • I would like to see a feature in Blend similar to the search box that fillters the visible properties to only those that have been modified. This would be of particular value when Blend automagically updates properties when changing layout types.

    Can we also have the ability to turn off the automagic property update when changing layout types, it's very annoying and often requires digging through the xaml to reset these properties.

    Can we also have source control integration and support for solution folders.

    Can we please?

  • WPF Controls Emphess.Net: A MenuKiller Control - this article is a work in progress detailing how to

  • Hi Guys, here some suggestion:

    Release some documentation about the Add-In feature (IAddIn);

    Add the full designer support as in Cider;

    Add Source control integration;

    Add some paper production tools:


              More support for Fixdocument and FlowDocument edition;

              Have some sort of option to match font (word vs blend are not using the same matching font size)

    Add better support to have custom dialog box for binding;

    Have some  "Move To" to feature when muti-selecting object on canvas (I build some with the IAddIn interface);

    Make show snap grid color customazible;

    Make snap marker available when try to mach two control on different container;

    Add the ruler line tag feature as found in Vision to help alignement on several container;

    I may have many other on my list, I will need to consult other team member.

  • Design: Listen, Listen, Listen to the community and stop making statements such as 'The experts said...' or 'We did a survey and found...' as none of the statements made so far reflect the requests made on the ED board. XAML export has gone backwards in V2 when you took away the ability to view the markup - I have no idea why you did this? The exporter is now confusing compared to what it was, and several other options have disappeared without explanation.

    Design to Blend: At present its poor, it was supposed to be better in V2 but who knows what happened. For the 'average' user its confusing especially when moving text and images between Design and Blend and the option to Copy & Paste only adds to the confusion.

    Blend: Overall pretty good and has some neater tools when compared with design such as the Brush Transform tool which is streets ahead of the comparable tool in Design.

    I use VS2008 Express so adding events is not great as the event is copied to the clipboard rather than directly into the code. Maybe you could look at this. Not a big deal but if you are unsure on what you are doing then it is a bit of surprise.

    Blend is good but Design needs to be a lot better. I never saw one post ever asking for slicing yet we get it in version 2 and 50% of the posts asked for better export options - clearly someone on the team knows better.

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  • Estoy viendo bastantes posts relacionados con los nuevos Services Packs de Visual Studio 2008 y el .NET

  • Estoy viendo bastantes posts relacionados con los nuevos Services Packs de Visual Studio 2008 y el .NET

  • Ability to go into a mode where you click on objects to define tab order. I don't believe this is part of Blend and I've seen many WPF apps with really messed up tab order. Setting it manually everywhere seems incredibly difficult for complex UI.

  • Designing à la Infopath : dropping controls on the design surface automatically creates a corresponding XML schema

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