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What Would You Like to See in the Next Versions of Blend and Design?

What Would You Like to See in the Next Versions of Blend and Design?

Even though we just shipped Expression Blend and Design 2, we are already busy planning what to do for future releases. To better help us with our planning, we'd like to hear from you.

What are some things that you would like to see in Blend and Design? What are some of the things that you wish were done differently? Also, what are some of the things in our products that you like?

Let us know by posting in the comments below! We take your feedback very seriously, and your input goes a long way in helping us improve our products.


(On a related note, based on feedback from many of you, this blog has been restyled. A big thanks to Tim Sneath for the help.)

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  • Take most of the options and functionality of wpf in Expression Blend - convert to silverlight. Everything from motion tweens on a path to editing templates and being able to build a proper button and control animation within the storyboard. I shouldn't need a dev team to help me control an animation in silverlight, when I can build / design an animation in wpf without a dev team. Just me two cents,


  • Blend:

    - Intellisense in XAML.

    - Designer as part of Premium Subscription.

    - Better usability (sometimes is difficult to find the things)

  • Design

    * Undo History that allows you to to see and/or select which undo(s) you want executed

    * Scripting ability or XAML import

    * More live effects like lightning, filtered lighting and shadow effects, sparkle effects, water ripples, etc.


    * Glow and Bevel effects for Silverlight!!!!!! This should have been added in version 1!

    * Better help files with more examples and samples

  • A refactoring of the context menu API (InvokeContextMenu / CreateContextMenu) to allow us to add items to it and manipulate it via AddIns (like Eric Lacroix said).  Right now the menu is not persistent and is not accessible out of those two methods.

    In the databinding dialog box, add better support for the current "DataContext" by listing available properties in the DataContext of the object.

  • My wishlist

    1. In-place editing of data and control templates - like content pages with master pages

    2. The ability to specify design-time only data sources to allow WYSIWYG visualization of templates by designers

    3. An intelligent XAML editor

    4. Ability to specify that the value of a particular control property is valid only at design-time.

    5. Extensible control gallery

  • I'd like to see bitmap editing in Design. In addition, I think it would be very helpful to be able to use something other than Canvas to layout the objects. When exporting xaml from Design, everything is inside a canvas, however it's often necessary for me to convert the layout to a StackPanel or some other layout control.


  • Design:

    - a more approach to Photoshop style and scripts system.

    - Better vector tools.


    - Templates for beginners users.

  • I've been using Expression Design a lot lately, and have compiled a Wishlist while working with it. You asked for it, so...

    1. Drag more than 1 selected layer

    2. Drag layers to bin

    3. Ctrl and Shift click layers like in Photoshop CS3

    4. Ctrl + -> in text jumps to the next word

    5. Underline tekst in Text properties panel

    6. Leading in Points and Pixels instead of Percentages

    7. Deleting Invisible, but not locked layers is possible

    8. Never automatically lock layers

    9. Better text object access

    10. A slimmer (less wide) Layers Panel

    11. Layers in Layers

    12. Drag in text to select characters (including Layer and Object names)

    13. DoubleClick text is Select all text

    14. Default Export format is an option in preferences that is remembered (not always PNG)

    15. Kerning in Words with Alt+<- and Alt+->

    16. Opening dialogs in same screen as application (when multiple monitors)

    That's all folks :) Keep up the good work!

  • It's been mentioned a zillion times, but I'll add it once more: Intellisence to XAML-editor.



  • For Blend:

    * XAML Intellisense

    * Better support for dynamic layouts.  I _always_ tweak my XAML by hand due to all the wonky margins that are added when I move stuff around in the designer.

    * I often use Kaxaml  to supplement my Blend work, because of it's true WYSIWYG.  So perhaps, a real preview pane (in addition to the design pane) that show what's really going to be rendered.

  • Just a question:

    Why would you want to rotate the entire canvas (the artboard) in Design? You can rotate your vector objects and your work, but I'm unsure of the benefit of rotating the entire workspace.

  • Apart from all the others (XAML Intellisense, Design coming seperate from the suite etc)... Ben Cooley's point number 7...

    7. Allow blend and some of its basic panels to integrate directly into visual studio and optionally replace the "Cider" editor if it is installed.  Why support two XAML editors?

  • VSS Integration as Visual Studio currently offers..

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