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Download the New Deep Zoom Composer Preview!

Download the New Deep Zoom Composer Preview!

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A few hours ago, we released another update to Deep Zoom Composer. Click on the link below to download it:

dzcicon Download Deep Zoom Composer

Some of the major new features outside of the usual bug, performance, and stability changes include Panoramic Stitching and PhotoZoom Upload.

Our PhotoZoom Upload functionality inside Deep Zoom Composer is causing some uploads to not fully finish before timing out, and we hope to have a fix for this really soon.

PhotoZoom Upload *
To help make uploading and sharing your creations with others easy, Deep Zoom Composer nicely integrates with the Live Labs PhotoZoom service: When you choose to Export, the default selection will be PhotoZoom:


You can use your Live ID to sign-in. Once you have signed in, you can specify an album name, choose a cover image, and just upload:


Once you have uploaded your contents, you will see a dialog that allows you to browse your newly created album in your browser. For example, the following link shows you a sample project I uploaded directly to PhotoZoom:

Panoramic Stitching
Deep Zoom Composer now allows you to stitch similar images inside the application using some cool technology from Microsoft Research's Interactive Visual Group. Take a series of photos that share similar characteristics, right click on them, and select “Create panoramic photo”:


After a short while (the time depends on the number of images, how large the images are, and how much calculation is needed), you will see a dialog allowing you to specify the part of the image that you would like to save. After you have specified region of image to save, your stitched image will appear on your design surface just like any other image you can interact with:


We hope you like our latest release. This is still a beta/preview release, so if you run into any problems, please feel free to post on our forums.

The DZC Team (Celso Gomes, Christian Schormann, Janete Perez, and Kirupa Chinnathambi)

* Edit:
If you are receiving a 401 error when attempting to upload to PhotoZoom, please try again in a short while. There may be some temporary glitches as we deal with some issues related to this.

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  • On Friday, a new build of Deep Zoom Composer was released sporting some really neat new functionality

  • to often I see the red X button:


    Creating panoramic photo failed.

    AppState = eAppOutputDone HResult = 0x800700E


    all pics taken in row on tripod

  • I'm getting a 404 server error on upload tonight.  it's a bit larger file, but not that big.  I did get a small one to go. is this intermitent, or a perminate error?

  • I'm getting a 404 server error on upload tonight.  it's a bit larger file, but not that big.  I did get a small one to go. is this intermitent, or a perminate error?

  • Can pictures laid on top of each other be "stitched" or do I have to adjust manually to fit on top of one picture?

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