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Deep Zoom Composer Updated (Again!)

Deep Zoom Composer Updated (Again!)

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To address many of the issues you all had with the PhotoZoom functionality, we have released an updated preview version of Deep Zoom Composer. You can download the updated version from the following link:

dzcicon Download Deep Zoom Composer

Be sure to uninstall your current version of Deep Zoom Composer before attempting to install the latest version. The issues we fixed revolve around making the log-in screen more clear and ensuring uploads do not time out.

More specifically, you need to create an account on PhotoZoom prior to being able to upload via Deep Zoom Composer. The PhotoZoom Export tab now makes that step explicitly clear:


The second set of changes revolved around the log-in and upload difficulties many of you pointed out. We significantly increased the timeout for uploads so that most large uploads on slow connections will still succeed:


Do you have the latest build?
Because we released the updated version so quickly after we released the last one, do check to make sure you are running the latest version. You will know if you have the latest build by going to Help | About and seeing the build date, 3 August 2008:


Overall, this update is designed to make using PhotoZoom via Deep Zoom Composer usable. We think this is a great feature that makes Deep Zoom Composer more approachable by non-technical users, so please let us know if you continue having any difficulties, and we will be glad to take a look at.

Janete, Kirupa

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  • To address many of the issues you all had with the PhotoZoom functionality, we have released an updated

  • nice work team! :)


    Scott Barnes

    Rich Platforms Product Manager


  • To address many of the issues you all had with the PhotoZoom functionality, we have released an updated

  • The DeepZoom Composer preview has just been updated as reported by the team here (this is actually the

  • dêem uma olhada: agora a integração com o PhotoZoom (ambiente gratuito pra publicar Deep Zoom) está funcionando

  • Via the command line can you create a Metadata.xml file?  I don't see how through ImageTool help or SparseImageTool help.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Rosie - that isn't something that ImageTool or SparseImageTool can help you with. DZC creates the Metadata.xml file by basically emulating the structure of SparseImageSceneGraph and adding a Tag node.

  • It is a great tool!

    By the way, can we decide how many layers be created and what's the size of image piece?

  • On Friday, a new build of Deep Zoom Composer was released sporting some really neat new functionality

  • Hi,

    this is a really great tool and I talked about it a couple times in my blog.

    But.. I've just one question: would it be possible to implement the capability to export the solution for Visual Basic 2008 too (not only Visual C#)?


    Alessandro Del Sole

    Microsoft Visual Basic MVP

  • Lance - you can, but we are not exposing that in the UI. If you look at the documentation for SparseImageTool and ImageTool by simply calling them via a command prompt window, you can pass in parameters for maximum tile size as well as depth/layers.

    Alessandro - it has been a long (~ 10 years) since I last used Visual Basic, so I cannot guarantee that I will be able to create another project template that is written in VB instead of C#. I'll see what I can do though.

  • where did you hide the panorama stitching feature using controlpoints?

    i tried to combine some pics, but the result is worse than doing that with WLPG

  • jump and run: I found it, right click in all images.

    But why pic are loaded not regarding proper exif orientation?

    Stitching worked on 3 pics and failed often even stitch 2 pics taken on tripod with 30% overlap.

    All windows should be sizeable, specially the crop and "all Images".



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