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Deep Zoom Developer Resources

Deep Zoom Developer Resources

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Since we released Deep Zoom Composer a while ago at MIX, we relied extensively on all of you to both create cool things using it as well as suggest new features for subsequent releases. Another major area that many of you have helped us with is documenting some of the cool things that you all have done with Deep Zoom.

In this post, I’ll try to point out some of the cool documentation to help you out in your deep zoom quest:

  • Working with Collections & Deep Zoom Primer
    Jaime Rodriguez provides two great overviews on how Deep Zoom works and how you can manipulate the collections in greater detail.
  • A Deep Zoom Blog
    Lutz Gerhard is one of the people responsible for Deep Zoom in Silverlight, and his blog provides valuable tips and tricks to the common asks people have made.
  • Project Silverlight
    Wilfred Pinto has a lot of great examples dissecting various requests such as hit-testing on images, etc.
  • Filtering by Tag
    Here is an example I wrote showing how you can use the Metadata.xml file generated by Deep Zoom Composer to filter.
  • Deep Zoom Tag Cloud
    Craig Dunn extends my filtering example by generating a tag cloud based on the items – really cool!
  • Deep Zoom : Selecting an Image
    Matthew Serbinski shows you how to bring a Deep Zoom image into focus when a thumbnail of that image has been selected.

If you have something really cool about Deep Zoom that you’ve written that I did not mention here, please send me an e-mail kirupac[at], and I will look into adding it.

Kirupa :)

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