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Deep Zoom Composer Updated for Silverlight 2 (And More!)

Deep Zoom Composer Updated for Silverlight 2 (And More!)

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Yesterday was a busy day, for we released an updated version of Deep Zoom Composer as well! You can download the updated version from the following link:

dzcicon Download Deep Zoom Composer

This version of Deep Zoom Composer presents several under-the-hood changes to improve reliability. We are getting close to wrapping up work on version 1 of this powertoy, so we are focusing on improving our existing features in lieu of adding anything new. Expect to see some details on some of those under the hood changes in the upcoming months.

With that said, that isn’t to say you won’t find anything new in this release. The biggest change is that our project templates now work with the released version of Silverlight 2. Previewing in the browser should just work, and our Deep Zoom upload/sharing service, PhotoZoom, has been updated as well.

The next feature is something pretty minor but one we received a ton of requests from all of you on. That feature is…the ability for you to launch Deep Zoom Composer by double-clicking on the DZPRJ file itself:


As always, if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to see in future versions of Deep Zoom Composer, please let us know by commenting either here or on our forums.

Celso, Christian, Janete, Kirupa

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  • In the new version of deep zoom composer I could not find the file info.bin,does it still exist?

  • Back in May I delivered a session titled “MIX08: A Developers Perspective” where I first showed the programmability

  • OMG People, uninstalling and reinstalling this all the time is really frustrating. Please consider deploying it as a clickonce application. Maintenance will be so much easier.

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