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February, 2009

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    Deep Zoom Composer – February 2009 Preview Released


    Hi everyone,
    We have just released another update to Deep Zoom Composer, and you can download it from the following location:

    dzcicon Download Deep Zoom Composer

    The application itself contains only fixes to issues that you have reported (slightly better memory utilization, a fix for PNG transparency), but the DeepZoomTools.dll library has gone through some significant improvements. In a nutshell, if you had images that did not work properly in the earlier version of Deep Zoom Composer, you should find that most of those images should work now.

    I will blog about the improvements to the Deep Zoom Tools shortly.

    Kirupa & Janete

  • Expression Blend and Design

    What Would you Like to See in Future Releases of Deep Zoom Composer?


    Hi everyone,
    After a bit of a break, we are currently getting the next preview of Deep Zoom Composer ready. While that is going through the final leg of the release process, I was wondering what you would like to see in future releases of Deep Zoom Composer?

    Based on the great feedback many of you have provided on my earlier question of a similar sort, I have no doubt that you all will be forthcoming with your opinions on what works, what doesn’t, and what you like to see in future releases.

    Kirupa :)

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