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Deep Zoom Composer – February 2009 Preview Released

Deep Zoom Composer – February 2009 Preview Released

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Hi everyone,
We have just released another update to Deep Zoom Composer, and you can download it from the following location:

dzcicon Download Deep Zoom Composer

The application itself contains only fixes to issues that you have reported (slightly better memory utilization, a fix for PNG transparency), but the DeepZoomTools.dll library has gone through some significant improvements. In a nutshell, if you had images that did not work properly in the earlier version of Deep Zoom Composer, you should find that most of those images should work now.

I will blog about the improvements to the Deep Zoom Tools shortly.

Kirupa & Janete

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  • Look forward to playing with it, any chance the DLL runs in Medium trust? guess I will find out :)

  • Great, exactly what i wanted, as a few images were a little tricky to use with it.

  • DZC的更新,主要是改善性能和修正问题。其最大的更新是在于DeepZoomTools.dll库的大量改进。如果以前DZC不能处理你的一些场景,现在可以再试试。 Download Deep Zoom Composer

  • Ha sido lanzado un nuevo release del Deep Zoom Composer , el cual pueden descargar aquí . Más información

  • Today (as announced by Tim Sneath ) the Silverlight team released an update for the plug in which is

  • Saiu ontem uma atualização do Deep Zoom Composer com pequenas melhorias e ajustes:  The application

  • From what I see, the application itself is not updated, even the about dialog box says "November 2008 release". Or am I missing something? Could you confirm please?

  • I think I figured it out. For anyone having issues with the latest version, here's what I did:

    - Installed the February 2009 download.

    - About dialog box still showing November 2008 release

    - Getting an error when tried to export as Seadragon AJAX.

    - Uninstalled DeepZoom Composer

    - Reinstalled the February 2009 download.

    - About dialog box now showing December 2008 release

    - I can now export as Seadragon AJAX with no issues.



  • Onur - Seajax export should work in the February 2009 release. Since you are seeing the 2008 date, there is a good chance your downloaded version is older than what is actually posted.

    Try uninstalling DZC and installing the February 2009 release again. I'm curious to know if everything works, for the latest release contains a lot of fixes (especially with image tiling) that you may want to have :)



  • In this issue: Ed Silverton, Tim Sneath, Shawn Wildermuth, Koen Zwikstra, Tim Heuer, Ken Cox, Robby Ingebretsen

  • Deep Zoom Composer – February 2009 Preview Released

  • I can't seem to use the mouse wheel to zoom after clicking the full screen button.  This is not knew to this release.



  • Michael - that is actually a Silverlight "feature" that has existed since the release of DZC that contained the full screen code a few releases ago.

    When you are in full screen mode, your keyboard and mouse functionality is reduced for security reasons. You only have mouse button, arrow keys, and space bar support. You do not have the ability to use other keys on your keyboard or the mouse wheel.


    Kirupa :)

  • Wondering if you have any information about an outofmemory exception that happens in silverlight when trying to view large  collections (5000+ images)...the images show up, but then quickly disapear...

    Any suggestions on how to debug this?

  • I can verify that the Composer app still says "December 2008" in its about box if you don't first uninstall DeepZoomComposer before installing the feb update. Once you've done that, then installing the feb update works well, and the time stamps in the program files directory seem to make sense as well. So there is a bug in the "upgrade" feature of the msi - at least for me.

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