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Expression Studio 4 Launches

Expression Studio 4 Launches

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Today at Internet Week in NYC, we announced the availability of Expression Studio 4. You can download the trial of Expression Studio 4 Ultimate that includes Expression Blend 4 and SketchFlow by clicking below:

s4 Expression Studio 4 Ultimate

Keep watching this blog for more news, updates, and in-depth looks at some of the new features that we’ve introduced. Until then, here are some related links:

  1. Microsoft Expression home page
  2. Christian Schormann’s blog
  3. Soma’s Favorite Expression Studio 4 Features

Note that if you are currently doing Windows Phone development, please do not upgrade to the final version of Expression Blend 4 yet. We will release an updated version of all of our phone components in the future, so please continue using Expression Blend 4 RC.

Of course, no major release would be possible without the feedback all of you have provided, so thank you!

- Expression Blend Team

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  • A problem with Expression Studio 4 via MSDN is now there only one key allowed for each version (Premium, Ultimate) and Premium doesn't even include the much touted Sketchflow.  Very disappointing.

    This was not the case for Expression Studio 3, 10 keys were allowed.

  • I recently joined the websitespark program. I downloaded and installed the Expression Studio 4. I had to enter the key during the installation and all was fine.

    I launched BLend and it asked me to enter the key again (0 days left for activation) I enter the key and get a message that say I Will not be required to enter the key again. But as i click OK to the confirmation message the whole studio just closes down (Crashes) Any ideas any one



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