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  • Blog Post: Deep Zoom Composer has been Updated: Documentation and Bug Fixes!

    Yesterday, we released another update to Deep Zoom Composer, and you can download it from the following location: Download Deep Zoom Composer NOTE : Please uninstall any older versions of Deep Zoom Composer prior to installing this new version. This release was really about fixing the bugs that many...
  • Blog Post: Hello DeepZoomTools.DLL : Deep Zoom Image Tile Generation Made Easy

    In our most recent release of Deep Zoom Composer, one of the major changes we made was to change how we generated the image tiles both for designing as well as exporting your Deep Zoom Content. In the past, ever since our first release at MIX, our image encoding was done using a combination of SparseImageTool...
  • Blog Post: Deep Zoom Composer : (Possible) Collection Layout FIX

    If you’ve browsed through the Deep Zoom Composer forums lately, you will have seen a few cases where Deep Zoom Composer was having difficulties maintaining layout when exporting collections. More specifically, the arrangement and position of images seen inside Deep Zoom Composer was not what you saw...
  • Blog Post: Deep Zoom Sample with MouseWheel / Pan / Click-Zoom

    Hi everyone, One of the most frequent requests you all have made has been for samples that showcase taking the output from a Deep Zoom Composer project and integrating it with the MultiScaleImage control to have a cool example. We provided an example of that in the previous post . That example only included...
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