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  • Blog Post: Creating Falling Snow in Silverlight!

    Exactly a year ago (plus one day…but who’s counting?!), I posted a sample WPF application that simulates falling snow. Since Silverlight 2 was released since then, below you will find a Silverlight version of a similar falling snow effect: Just click on the Let It Snow banner to cause 200 snowflakes...
  • Blog Post: 2.5D UserControl for Silverlight 2

    2.5D (two-and-a-half D) is a way of using 2D objects to give a very convincing illusion of 3D. I’ve provided an implementation that has no lighting, materials, lines or polygons. But it does enable you to locate 2D (that is, flat) objects at x,y,z coordinates and place the camera where you want it. The...
  • Blog Post: Styling Silverlight 2 Controls

    One of the nice things about both WPF and Silverlight is their ability to allow a designer to extensively alter the look and feel of a control without having to write code. A great blog to observe is Corrina Barber’s Ux Musings where she explains how to style some of the common controls that ship...
  • Blog Post: Expression Blend 2 August Preview Live!

    You can get to the preview either through the Expression website or the Download Center: Expression site: Download Center:
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