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November, 2008

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    Expression Encoder 2 SDK Updated for Service Pack 1


    image We’ve just released an update to the SDK, which now incorporates the new features in Expression Encoder 2 Service Pack 1.

    Here are the main things that are new in the SDK :-

  • We’ve improved the formatting of the help file so things are hopefully a little easier to read.

  • We have a new updated object model layout diagram.

  • New files to give updated Intellisense comments.

  • Some new samples in Visual Basic.

  • Added ASF indexing support. For more information, see AsfIndexer in the Programming
  • A new Mode property, EncoderSku, which gives more accurate SKU information than Mode.IsExpress.

  • A new MediaItem property, FileOutputMode, which you can use to select ASF MBR as well as "Adaptive Smooth Streaming" output modes.

  • Enhancements to how output files are generated and accessed.

  • New audio overlay functionality for MediaItem.

  • Two new AAC base profiles for AudioProfiles.

  • Two new H.264 base profiles for VideoProfiles.

  • A new AdaptiveStreaming profile for both AudioProfiles and VideoProfiles.

  • A new VideoProfile profile, VideoProfileMbrDeltaCollection, which you can use to customize MBR and/or AdaptiveStreaming output streams.

  • A new default resize mode of SuperSampling instead of Bicubic.

    Here’s the link to download the updated SDK.

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