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November, 2009

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    Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3 QFE Released


    A QFE has been released for Expression Encoder v3. The download can be found here:

     The QFE contains a significant number of fixes and enhancements including:

    ·         The Audio panel now appears when the user selects two or more media files in the Media Content panel.

    ·         You can now read or write to MP4 files of 4 GB or greater size.

    ·         Audio recordings created using certain USB microphones no longer contain distortion.

    ·         You can successfully encode to MP4 CBR when the bitrate is set to 4.

    ·         Substantial drops in playback bit rates no longer occur during CPU spikes while playing smooth streaming content.

    ·         Smooth Streaming content no longer stutters after 10 or more minutes of full-screen playback in some scenarios.

    ·         Playback of Smooth Streaming content encoded with the VC1 Smooth Streaming 720P VBR preset has been improved.

    ·         You no longer receive an error when repeatedly editing a Silverlight template in Expression Blend 3 using the Edit the template in Expression Blend command.

    ·         You no longer receive an error when playing back Smooth Streaming content from a server that is different from the one where the Silverlight template resides.

    ·         Performance has been improved in the Black Glass template.

    ·         In Live Encoding mode, you can now publish to a publishing point that requires authentication.

    ·         Expression Encoder now includes support for AVC1 files.

    ·         You can now compile the PowerShell code sample from the Expression Encoder SDK when working in Windows 7.

    ·         Running Expression Encoder as a SYSTEM level service no longer causes an exception.

    ·         The Silverlight player no longer crashes when you load a file containing unsupported East Asian characters. You will receive an error message, however, if the player does not support the characters.

    ·         You will now be able to select Adaptive GOP and Closed GOP in the VC-1 Settings options when you have chosen VC-1 Main as your video codec.

    ·         Expression Encoder will now use its native MP4 codec to decode MP4 files, instead of using QuickTime.

    ·         Fixes have been made to better support importing and editing Smooth Streaming files.

    ·         The Expression Encoder Timeline will now display the proper length of imported AVCHD files.

    ·         Playlists and chapters now correctly display when performing offline playback.

    ·         Imported WTV files now play back correctly.

    ·         Seeking has been improved during playback of Smooth Streaming files.

    ·         If you choose the VC-1 Simple profile for encoding, the bitrate in the Video category will now correctly switch to one is valid for the Simple profile.

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