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Hi, I am Pablo Fernicola, and in this blog I will cover different aspects of my work related to scientific and scholarly communication, publishing, and knowledge dissemination

March, 2008

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    Multi Discipline Relevance

    Geoff makes the point that he thinks the NLM dtd is relevant for disciplines outside of Biology and Medicine, such as Humanities and Social Sciences. I agree with his point and hope that with the add-in we will help authors and journals in those other...
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    Short Video Clip of the Add-in

    If you want to get an idea of how the add-in works, without having to download and install it, here is a video. You should skip to 4:40 to see the demo part, I give an introduction before that (subset of the information in the earlier postings...
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    The Use of XML Formats in Repositories

    Updated to clarify that the PDF version is provided by the publishers One interesting aspect of the XML format from the National Library of Medicine is its use in PubMed Central, which is the largest archive for biomedical articles ( http://www.pubmedcentral...
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    Welcome to the Article Authoring Add-in

    The Technology Preview of the Article Authoring Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 provides authors of scientific articles with the ability to read and write files from Word 2007 into the XML format used by the National Library of Medicine. This release is targeted at the staff of scientific and technical journals, Information Repositories, and early adopters within the scholarly authoring community, as well as developers of publishing solutions and workflows, who can use the add-in to provide additional capabilities to their products....
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