Geoff makes the point that he thinks the NLM dtd is relevant for disciplines outside of Biology and Medicine, such as Humanities and Social Sciences.  I agree with his point and hope that with the add-in we will help authors and journals in those other disciplines, which already tend to use Word, in the submission and conversion processes.  Even going beyond the conversion to the NLM tagset, I think that there are other features in the add-in that will be of use to authors and to the editorial staff.  I plan to cover both of these aspects in future postings.

Covering yet another set of scientific disciplines, last month the folks from ArXiv (the largest repository for Physics, also very popular for Math and Computer Science papers) posted the news that they now accept OpenXML files for submissions.  I am also looking forward to being able to help scientists and researchers that deposit OpenXML files into ArXiv.

One fun aspect of this project is being able to work with the very sharp individuals who are the center of the ongoing evolution in the Scientific, Technical, and Medical publishing space.  They range from folks in the repository space (from the National Library of Medicine, British Library, and ArXiv), in the staff of commercial publishers and journals, and key folks in many of the companies that develop tools for the publishing workflow.