I had a conversation with Jon Udell on the add-in, and the greater relevance of XML in the publishing lifecycle, which he just posted on the channel 10 site.

Jon has a great approach to this new series of postings, where he provides different modalities for consuming the content.  Audiences can read a transcript, watch a screencast, or listen to the podcast.  Incidentally, over the last year, after I bought a Zune with its ability to automatically manage podcast subscriptions, I started to listen to podcasts while jogging and find it a very convenient way to catch up on podcasts (both technical and general topics, such as NPR programs) while exercising.  Providing multiple formats, and adapting to how people will consume content in the future, is a trend we need to keep an eye on for evolving the STM publishing space.

On its 10th anniversary, the infrastructure around XML (formats, tools, as well as processes/workflows) is now at a point where we will finally derive greater benefits from this great technology.  XML usage will now start to take place at the point of origin for content, without authors being directly aware of it, and its usage throughout the publishing workflow will be simplified.  The net result should be an improvement in time to publish, relevance in search, and in the presentation of the content (more on this in a future post).