There are two conferences coming up in May, where we will be presenting updates on the Article Authoring Add-in and other projects:

These are great opportunities to discuss authoring, metadata, and semantics, as well as the evolution of authoring in relation to the publishing workflow.

In addition to the evolution on core functionality related to semantics and metadata, as well as improvements in the user experience, there are a number of new features in the Authoring Add-in, looking at better integration with submission and archival workflows.  One of these new integration features relates to submissions from Word using the SWORD protocol, which is based on Atom Publishing Protocol. And the other relates to mapping relationships between content in the document and data, through the use of ORE resource maps.

I will be presenting at both events, so feel free to come by if you want to discuss these topics or introduce yourself.  Also feel free to contact me ahead of the events if you want to arrange meetings.