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  • Blog Post: Issues with the system_health session in SQL Server 2012

    The ever alert Jonathan Kehayias ( Blog | Twitter ) sent me a question recently asking about the Extended Event UI used for showing predicates. In particular, he was wondering about the predicate for the wait_info event that is defined in the system_health session and was wondering what was going on...
  • Blog Post: Activity Tracking event session template is broken

    With the release of SQL Server 2012 RC0 you will notice that a number of new session templates have shown up in both the New Session Wizard and the New Session dialog. One template in particular, Activity Tracking, is unfortunately broken “out of the box.” We found this problem too late to be able to...
  • Blog Post: Session memory – who’s this guy named Max and what’s he doing with my memory?

    SQL Server MVP Jonathan Kehayias ( blog ) emailed me a question last week when he noticed that the total memory used by the buffers for an event session was larger than the value he specified for the MAX_MEMORY option in the CREATE EVENT SESSION DDL. The answer here seems like an excellent subject for...
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