Un exemple d'application permettant d'offir une solution de gestion et de provisionning de machines virtuelles

Virtual Server Deployment Manager 1.3.0 (VSDM)

The Virtual Server Deployment Manager provides a streamlined way to manage and deploy Virtual Machines. Using this tool, regular users (not just administrators) will be able to create and manage their own machines, without impacting other users' machines.


Based on the concept of templates, VSDM manages the virtual library (templates and ISO images) in a simple and productive way. A "must have" tool for Virtual Server customers that manage large number of machines or need to frequently recreate images based on a master image (template).

PSS Support
This tool does not have PSS support. It is provided AS IS. Please refer to EULA on the download package for more information.


en téléchargement sur http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=FF59C543-5107-42F6-9252-A8CDE3B53915&displaylang=en