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June, 2009

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    If you've ever had to work through even a slightly complicated encounter with our health care system - you know what it's like. You become a combination archaeologist, file cabinet and pack mule, begging providers for copies of your own images, lab results...
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    The Worst Idea Ever

    One day when I was about fourteen years old, I bought a bunch of fireworks (rockets mostly) from that shady guy who roams the halls of every high school selling contraband. I went over to my friend Don's house in the afternoon and we really wanted to...
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    Continua in da house!

    Thursday is the first full day of the 2009 Microsoft Connected Health Conference here in Bellevue ... there were a few events today, but things really get underway tomorrow at 9am with Peter's keynote and an opening panel including Uwe Reinhardt , David...
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    You put your right HIPAA in…

    Early last May, I posted an entry that described our position regarding the relationship of HealthVault to HIPAA . In short, our interpretation was that HealthVault did not fall under the definition of a Covered Entity or a Business Associate as defined...
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