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December, 2009

  • Family Health Guy

    Trust is not Global

    I have been lax in acknowledging another awesome idea to emerge from recent discussions about how to accelerate progress around data exchange. Just before Thanksgiving (and my daughter's 16 th birthday!), Wes Rishel wrote a post in which he proposed that...
  • Family Health Guy

    You need a Data Asset -- not a Data Warehouse

    Last Friday, I had a chance to speak, along with Dr. Craig , to a pretty cool group of folks in Washington DC about how we think about creating data-centric assets, and why we think it's important to inject some new concepts into our national conversation...
  • Family Health Guy

    Starting with "No"

    I have been really excited over the last few weeks as our national discussion around healthcare standards and data exchange have taken on a real world quality that has felt lacking in the past. But change is hard to make stick, and John Halamka's blog...
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