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In which Sean talks about HealthVault and other cool ideas in Personal Health

March, 2010

  • Family Health Guy

    I am in love with my Withings scale.

    Every Monday, the folks who manage our HealthVault partner relationships have a meeting called "What's Going On?" where they talk about the applications and devices that have "gone live" in the last week, issues that partners are facing we need to be...
  • Family Health Guy

    "Checklists" and Rapid Innovation with Amalga

    A few weeks ago I was listening to the radio on my way to work and came across an interview with Dr. Atul Gawande talking about his book The Checklist Manifesto . He's kind of taken the world by storm with a really basic idea: maybe if we used simple...
  • Family Health Guy

    Rock the Meydenbauer

    It appears that Spring is on its way to the Pacific Northwest - the mountains and evergreens are showing themselves outside my window, just like in Doonesbury when Mike worked for Bernie in high tech. And with another Spring comes another Microsoft Connected...
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