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June, 2010

  • Family Health Guy


    Exciting news on the HealthVault front this week as we announced the launch of HealthVault in the UK , our third country to go live with the platform so far --- totally cool! Unlike our announced agreements in Canada and Germany, in the UK we are going...
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    Cue the John Williams soundtrack…

    I am not shy about sharing my opinions. Pausing here to wait for laughter to subside. OK. Often that is a positive, and means that I can help push a group to surface important issues that otherwise get swept under the rug. But sometimes it gets in...
  • Family Health Guy

    NHIN Direct: Losing our way; need small business at the table

    This last week we held two days of face-to-face meetings for NHIN Direct . The goal was very clear: decide on the base technology underlying the simple push messaging system we've been asked to create. We need to do this so that we can move into the implementation...
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