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June, 2011

  • Family Health Guy

    HealthVault Mobile Libraries for iOS and Android? Check!

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago , we are really excited to be making HealthVault functionality available to mobile developers. As promised, the development libraries or iOS and Android devices are now avaliable --- woo hoo! iOS Library on GitHub...
  • Family Health Guy

    Yes, thanks --- we've heard about Google Health

    Seems like everybody on the web (or at least in our little Healthcare corner of it) has an opinion on the news that Google Health is shutting down . Just in case you’re thinking about sending me the link --- yes, I’ve heard. :) First off...
  • Family Health Guy

    Double the Inspiration!

    Two pretty interesting trips over the last couple of weeks … first, the folks at CHIEF ( Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum ) invited me up for a keynote discussion over Memorial Day weekend in Toronto --- and then last week I was...
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