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But wait, there’s more (worldwide goodness)!

But wait, there’s more (worldwide goodness)!

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When we launched our Windows Phone HealthVault app a few months ago, I said “Forget any questions I may have had about the momentum of the mobile platforms; this is where the world is going” … but unfortunately “the world” was limited to users in the USA at that time.

Fast forward to today --- and “the world” really means THE WORLD. Just a few days after opening up the platform worldwide … another piece of the puzzle drops with an update to our HV Windows Phone application. Anyone can now use the HV app as well, so have at it! (Note: language selection is still limited; updates to that coming over the next few months.)

Important health information in your pocket, ready when you need it --- shouldn’t this have been this easy a long time ago?

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  • is this to promote healthvault or MS Windows Phone?  If it is o promote healthvault, develop an app for Andriod instead of trying to keep android users out of the game.  You already know how well that worked against apple and then against google so when are you going to figure out what is best for companies is best for consumers when consumers can use your software on others' platforms.

  • Hey Jonathan, thanks for the note ... while we've created this app specifically for Windows Phone, there are a bunch of HealthVault options out there for Android and the iPhone as well. iTriage is a great example of an app that has connected to HealthVault on both of those platforms, but it's only one. If you visit, you'll see that we also have developer libraries for all of the mobile platforms.

    We love our platforms of course --- but we are doing everything we can to make HV available everywhere. Some of that innovation will take time to move from the US instance to the worldwide one ... but we are working on it as quickly as we can ... honest!


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