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In which Sean talks about HealthVault and other cool ideas in Personal Health

August, 2012

  • Family Health Guy

    Wow, talk about great service!

    HealthVault is a great service to work on --- it's amazing to have such a direct connection between the work I do every day and the people I love. And while there are a ton of frustrations in this business, once in awhile things come together and you...
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    The "Identity Proofing" Distraction

    The crazy amount of activity going on in the Health IT world is a blessing and a curse. It’s more blessing of course --- Meaningful Use, Blue Button, Direct, Citizen Engagement --- these are all really great advances. But there is a downside, especially...
  • Family Health Guy


    I have a mixed family --- by which I mean that my son and I use Windows phones, my wife uses an Android and my daughter just got a shiny new iPhone (not to mention the iPod Touches some of us use as well). These devices are with us all the time, and are...
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    Partners continue to drive HealthVault success!

    It’s been a really great year so far here at HealthVault HQ … we’ve been totally focused on turning all the experiences of our “incubation” years into a scalable, long-term business. That means expanding our presence worldwide...
  • Family Health Guy

    FREE web-based image viewing for cancer patients by MediCle

    Cancer treatment is just complicated. It’s one of those things where sometimes the right path is obvious, but more often you’re trying something, watching for trends, looking for recurrence, trying something new, and repeating all that over...
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