Apply to take part in a fasttrack review session

We're always looking for keen ISVs to take part in one of our fasttrack review sessions. You'll get one on one support with architecting your solution and choosing the right technologies from Microsoft experts. All we ask in return is that you share your experiences, and allow us to share your problems and our solutions with the wider ISV community. Intellectual Property, privacy and confidentiality will of course, all be respected, when we publish virtual media based on the physical review session.

IMPORTANT: Fasttrack Architecture Reviews are only open to ISVs in the UK who are members of the Microsoft Partner Program at the Gold, Certified level, or are members of the Empower or Metro programs. If you are not eligible, then now would be an ideal time to join the Microsoft Partner Program and make yourself eligible asap.

If you met this criteria and you think your company has a typical, or interesting problem that hasn't yet been addressed by one of our sessions, then please get in touch with us, and we'll let you know if we think a fasttrack review session would be suitable. Please note that we mainly deal with architectural discussions, rather than deep technical support.

We typically get more applications than we have space for, so to make sure we get the right ISVs at the session, please take a little time to tell us about yourselves.and what yu want.You *must* provide us with a 'draft agenda' for the review by emailing details about the following 8 topics for discussion:

Fasttrack review

1 - What are the top one or two things you want to get out of the meeting?

2 - Are there any specific problems, issues or opportunities are you currently facing?

3 - Which (if any) of the following technologies will you want to cover in the review - SQL Server, Silverlight/WPF, SharePoint, ASP.NET, etc?

4 - Who do you plan to bring along to the reviews (2 to 4 people is typically ideal)


Technology background

5 - What technologies are you currently using?

6 - What technologies do you plan to use?


Company background

7 - The size is the company and the development team

8 - Company/Product URLs




To get in touch, just send an email to, letting us know what specific problem you'd wish to discuss with us and we'll get back to you. We unfortunately won't be able to grant a review for every request we get in, due to the volume of requests we currently have incoming, but if we're unable to help with a review, we'll try to point you towards some useful resources that should help to some degree.

A quick reminder on what makes a good Fasttrack Architecture Review . . .

The best Fasttrack Architecture Reviews tend to happen at the stage when an ISV is either looking at an upcoming release of their software, and starting to think about what features or capabilities to add to their product and how the various technologies in the Microsoft stack might be of use, or b) wants to think through how a particular Microsoft technology might influence their own product plans (e.g. "How could SharePoint help us?"). An open mind and a willingness to discuss ideas are essential.

Conversely, a few things can prevent a good Fasttrack Architecture Review session. If you have already made your mind up and are simply looking for more detailed discussions, then this is possibly not the right forum - let us know and we can suggest the best routes forward. Similarly, if management are not behind the changes, or you are unable to bring a senior decision maker to the meeting, or there are no specific time scales for a new version, then these sessions can be less then optimum, and we urge you only to apply when the time is right for you.