What does a Fasttrack Architecture Review consist of?

A fasttrack review is an opportunity for an ISV to lay out their technical, business and architectural problems in front of some Microsoft experts, and gain advice and guidance on choosing the best path for their future development. These are interactive, conversational engagements which typically last for around 3 to 4 hours, and have proved very successful and useful for participants in the past.

The format is that of an informal meeting - some chairs, a table, a couple of whiteboards and a lot of imagination and honest speaking. We're not here to sell any products or drive any revenue, and you're not there to convince us that you're a great company and a market leader. Instead, the conversation's all about problems and solutions, and if you come with an open mind then you should leave with a lot to digest and think about - and a good idea of where to go in the future.

If you think it would help to give us demonstrations of your products, or you'd like to see demonstrations of our technology, then that's what we can do. If you'd rather draw diagrams, or talk, or listen, or sit in silence for the entire length of the session, then that's what we can do. The experience is totally driven by the ISV participating - though obviously we have some suggested structures developed out of experience that can help things flow best, if you'd rather fall back on those.

What makes a good Fasttrack Architecture Review?

The best Fasttrack Architecture Reviews tend to happen at the stage when an ISV is either looking at an upcoming release of their software, and starting to think about what features or capabilities to add to their product and how the various technologies in the Microsoft stack might be of use, or b) wants to think through how a particular Microsoft technology might influence their own product plans (e.g. "How could SharePoint help us?"). An open mind and a willingness to discuss ideas are essential.

Conversely, a few things can prevent a good Fasttrack Architecture Review session. If you have already made your mind up and are simply looking for more detailed discussions, then this is possibly not the right forum - let us know and we can suggest the best routes forward. Similarly, if management are not behind the changes, or you are unable to bring a senior decision maker to the meeting, or there are no specific time scales for a new version, then these sessions can be less then optimum, and we urge you only to apply when the time is right for you. 

So . . .

If this appeals to you, then have a look at our application page to find some dates that suit, then get in touch with us - we'd love to hear from you.