Channel 9 ( taped me discussing threat modeling and the threat modeling tool and posted it today.  WMP 9 users can watch it at play speed “Fast” for efficiency.  Feel free to take a look and send some feedback either here or there.

Incidentally, this is my first experience with Channel 9.  They don't ask you to prepare anything; rather, they just stop by and tape you talking about something.  Having gotten used to talking to a slide deck, it was a bit, well, interesting.  Probably better that it wasn't scripted.  When Michael, Dave, and I did a “live” threat modeling session on a web application that we had never seen before and with no script, audience feedback suggested that they got more out of it than when we script it.  I guess that makes sense, though, since it's closer to reality than something contrived or prepared in advance (which wouldn't have any of the hiccups that occur naturally in the process).


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