Fiddler Web Debugger

Fiddler is a web debugging tool which is owned, developed, and distributed by Eric Lawrence.

March, 2011

  • Fiddler Web Debugger

    Mapping Sockets to a Process In .NET Code

    One feature added to Fiddler a few years ago is the ability to map a given HTTP request back to the local process that initiated it. It turns out that this requires a bit of interesting code, because the .NET Framework itself doesn’t expose any...
  • Fiddler Web Debugger

    Fiddler before Fiddler

    I think origin stories are fun. I spoke about the origins of Fiddler in my talk at the PDC last year, and it was interesting to share how a little idea bloomed into a surprisingly widely-used piece of software. Cleaning up some old hard drives a few weeks...
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