I think origin stories are fun. I spoke about the origins of Fiddler in my talk at the PDC last year, and it was interesting to share how a little idea bloomed into a surprisingly widely-used piece of software. Cleaning up some old hard drives a few weeks ago, I found an old UI prototype that I’d been playing around with in 2002/2003. Like many of my early prototypes of that era, it was simply a piece of UI without any actual functionality. It made me smile however, so I’m going to publish it here for posterity:


Somewhat familiar perhaps, although I think some would have found the colors a bit jarring. :-) In case you’re wondering, “Bayden Systems” is the name I release most of my freeware under.

In other, more recent news, I’ll be doing another talk at the MiX Conference next month. This year’s talk is titled The Devil Went Down to HTTP: Debugging with Fiddler… it’s a play on a song title, in case you haven’t heard it. I have a few ideas for what I’ll be covering, but if you’ll be at MiX (or watching online) and have some suggestions for topics to cover or demos to do, please let me know!