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Fiddler is a web debugging tool which is owned, developed, and distributed by Eric Lawrence.

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  • Blog Post: Find Proxy Authentication bugs with Fiddler

    Over on my other blog, I just posted an article showing how you can use Fiddler to find bugs in applications that don't expect authenticating proxies.
  • Blog Post: Swapping out JQuery with Fiddler

    This morning, someone asked me to look into a site-compatibility problem on a HTML5 demo site. When loading the site into IE9 and IE10, the F12 Developer Tools’ Script Debugger showed the following error: Now, obviously, IE does support getElementsByTagName, and I confirmed that the...
  • Blog Post: Capturing (and changing) a Web Site with Fiddler

    Often, the IE team will encounter a problem in a complicated production website, and will need to "reduce the repro" in order to determine the root cause of a given bug. This is made more complicated by the fact that sometimes the live website will change under us and we may lose the repro before the...
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