Fiddler Web Debugger

Fiddler is a web debugging tool which is owned, developed, and distributed by Eric Lawrence.

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  • Blog Post: Update on Fiddler Telemetry

    Back in October of last year, I blogged the results of some surveys and announced that some telemetry features would be added to the Fiddler beta builds. Now that 10 months have passed, I’ll provide an update on how things are going. SmartAssembly Telemetry Microsoft products use the Customer...
  • Blog Post: News on Fiddler Surveys and Telemetry

    For this morning’s post, I wanted to give everyone a quick picture of some of the data I've collected about Fiddler usage, how I plan to respond, and how I will continue to learn more. I’ve recently had the chance to run some surveys and spend some time with developers who are using Fiddler...
  • Blog Post: The Fiddler Community

    With a development team of one, Fiddler is in many ways a product of the rich community and ecosystem that has developed over the last six years. While I try to keep the official site updated, there are many other outlets to take advantage of when looking for Fiddler-related news, help, and tools. ...
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