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Fiddler is a web debugging tool which is owned, developed, and distributed by Eric Lawrence.

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  • Blog Post: Fiddler and IPv6-only environments

    I recently got a bug report from a user who was attempting to use Fiddler in a pure-IPv6 environment, where IPv4 is entirely disabled. On startup, he saw the following message: The problem here is an obscure one, which makes it somewhat interesting. What’s happening is that Fiddler...
  • Blog Post: Mapping Sockets to a Process In .NET Code

    One feature added to Fiddler a few years ago is the ability to map a given HTTP request back to the local process that initiated it. It turns out that this requires a bit of interesting code, because the .NET Framework itself doesn’t expose any built-in access to the relevant IPHelper APIs that...
  • Blog Post: Fiddler New Features – DNS Failover

    Fiddler 2.2.9 introduces a ton of new features under the hood. The one I’m going to talk about in this quick note is called “DNS Failover.” When a client attempts to connect to a web server, it must first resolve the hostname of the server (e.g. into an IP address to which a TCP/IP...
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