Fiddler Web Debugger

Fiddler is a web debugging tool which is owned, developed, and distributed by Eric Lawrence.

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  • Blog Post: Peeking at Fiddler’s Internals

    Fiddler 2.2.9 includes two new features that allow you to get some more insight into the state of the web debugger. The first allows you to inspect the caches used by Fiddler; simply type about:cache in the QuickExec box and Fiddler will display the current contents of its DNS Resolver cache and ServerPipe...
  • Blog Post: Fiddler New Features – The Preferences System

    Fiddler 2.2.9 is the first release with end-to-end support for a Preferences System , accessible to script and extensions, that will simplify the storage and reloading of user-preferences. The system is somewhat similar to the preferences system within many web browsers; as in those browsers, you...
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