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October, 2004

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    Cheap Coffee and Stale Muffins

    There is nothing more mind numbing than sitting in a bland hotel conference room listening to people argue about the naming of an XML tag, or whether some complex type should have a status code (and what are the codes, oh that’s another half an hour)...
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    Another "Win" for Compliance

    As many are probably already aware, the US Insurance industry suffered a major blow (not to mention TONS of market cap gone) this week in the filing of charges against a raft of executives for allegations of price fixing and other sundry schemes. For...
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    The Connector Metaphor

    As per a sort of unspoken understanding with my eldest son, his good behavior whilst running errands on Saturday earned him a new Bionicle from Target. And of course when he got home he quickly put it together, again amazing me with his skill in following...
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    What a day(s)...

    Been a rough couple of, illness and events. I have been remiss in posting. We just finished the SAF here in Redmond this week and I will be posting some information and feedback in general here very shortly. The season of standards will soon...
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    IFRI and the Financial Value Chain

    I just wanted to really quickly cover this topic as a new thread. I've received several mails asking about the relationship between the Insurance Forms Reference Implementation (IFRI -
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