Been a rough couple of, illness and events.  I have been remiss in posting.  We just finished the SAF here in Redmond this week and I will be posting some information and feedback in general here very shortly.

The season of standards will soon be upon us with IFX and ACORD both with upcoming meetings in Florida.  And at election time no less...maybe I can spend some community service time teaching Broward county residents how to vote.  :-)

One of the themes that came out of the Strategic Architects Forum this week is addressing the area of domain specific languages (DSLs) integrated with industry standards as a basis.  So I'll spend some time talking about that very soon as well as how that relates to a service oriented architecture.  I'd also like to explore some concepts behind service interface definition and the relationship to contextual key words and actions.  This will become key in building flexible client architectures to access those services.

And lastly, there are a few banking technical/business issues that I'd like to get off my chest.  IMHO, the only thing slowing the industry is themselves, so I want to address a few things that could add value to customer service and provide new ways to look at banking technology.  Especially in light of some new things that companies like Google are doing.  Should be fun.

Everyone have a great weekend and this next week will allow some great discussion.  Thanks to everyone who attended the SAF and please look for the regional events over the next 8 months.