Yes, we are alive.  We were all out of office for the holidays and now we are back and ready to start blogging. We apologize for being such poor bloggers, and plan to better this year (a new years resolution?).  


Today we met and were discussing what we should be talking about in our blog.  Some of the topics we considered were

  • managing large projects
  • finding bugs
  • talking about VC features
  • getting feedback on VC
  • testing methodologies
  • robotics  - teaching kids programming
  • what have I learned working at MS for the past 8 years (today is my 8 yr anniversary)
  • testing in an agile development world
  • test first development
  • bugs to avoid in the product
  • prioritizing and making tradeoffs when fixing bugs

Let us know if you are interested in any of these topics or any other topics that you would like to hear about. 


We are investigating the question of sending bugs to MS.  We found a process that exists but it looks more like a black hole than a mechanism to get feedback to us.   As soon as we find the right solution we will let you know.