[rob]I've just stepped out of my office to go to another meeting, and I hear my phone ring...the double ring of an external call.  I look down at the floor through the open doorway. 

“I am not 'in the office'....”

I continue to the meeting that I am already late for.

So, I've been pretty quiet on the blog....it's been busy over here!

I have been attending a local users group for .NET developers.  I had originally attended thinking it was generic.NET, but have since learned that most attendees are either VB or C# devs.  I may very well be the only VC developer regularly sitting in on these meetings.  It speaks to the benefit of .NET that it hasn't made much of a differnence (except when I can't help but point out that MFC is not VC.NET to some of the other developers who have no VC.NET experience).

I have found out that my perception is a bit skewed by my exposure to Whidbey.  I was debating this week that VC.NET was just as fast as other languages.  It turns out that I was not quite correct.  In Everett (7.1), .NET from VC is, sadly, slower for some scenarios.  For Whidbey, it is actually slightly faster! (but JIT compiling will be the near equalizer for all).  I suppose if you average all these statements I was...correct? (or can this kind averaging only be done for election predictions?)