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  • Blog Post: Getting change notifications from any dependency property in Windows Store Apps

    When declaring a dependency property, you can specify a callback to be called when the property changes. However if you want to be notified of changes of a property that is already declared, you have to rely on the class exposing an event for it (like TextChanged on the TextBox for the Text property...
  • Blog Post: Why dependency properties need a wrapper

    Dependency properties are not a new thing, they have been part of WPF and Silverlight for years. They enable key features such as data binding, styles, animations, change notifications and default values. Their behavior however can differ slightly from API to API, WPF and Silverlight for example,...
  • Blog Post: Default styles and templates of XAML controls for Windows Store Apps

    In the early days of WPF and Silverlight, the only way you could get information about the default templates and styles of controls would be by opening Blend and editing a copy of the default style. Fortunately, this information is now documented on MSDN, however it is not always easy to find. In order...
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