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To help partners with the process of setting up the application modules, Microsoft recently launched the ”Rapid Configuration Tool” for Dynamics Ax 4.0, which is a tool available for partners (free download at PartnerSource).

I am wondering how many partners know this tool and is actually using it during the implementation phase. I thought it would be useful to just write a short note on this tool, which is actually quite powerful. In my team we understand that the process of setting up an application typically requires work by partners as well as super users at the customer site. They often work together over a period of time ensuring that all parameters and base data is entered or migrated into the Dynamics system.

This is where the Rapid Configuration Tool (RCT) can help. The tool effectively makes sure that all relevant modules are configured (that is the ones the customer has purchased and chosen to enable) and that the configuration takes places in the right sequence. It has features allowing the people working with setting up the application to be notified about issues and work tasks, and it contains an issue log system, where user can log issues they find throughout the testing.

Data entry is often time consuming and tedious, and the tool helps simplify this for instance by allowing users to create Microsoft Excel sheets which can then be populated offline and later imported in a simple way.

Another issue is learning the correct settings and understanding the application from the users perspective. To facilitate this the tool contains a substantial amount of training content in form of powerpoint presentations, videos and other documents showing how to work with various parts of the application. All of the content can be accessed from within the tool.

Going forward we would like feedback from partners who have been using this tool. We are looking for ways to improve it and expand it. If you have comments let me know.