In case some of you did not know, a new book has just been published, covering the details of Dynamics Ax version 4.0 (Inside Microsoft Dynamics 4.0). For those of you who wants details on the technology behind Ax and the programming environment with all it's possibilities, this book is definately something you should have on your shelves. It's been authored by some of the most knowledgable people behind the product and I can highly recommend it.

While we're at the topic of documentation, I had a comment on where to find documentation on the RCT tool. This is currently only included with the tool itself, i.e. you have to download and install RCT from PartnerSource. The documentation on RCT is at this point very limited, but it is something we are looking at improving and expanding.

Regarding documentation on Dynamics Ax, my team is currently investigating what would make the most sense to work on in order to help partners with implementing the product. If anyone has comments on this topic I would be very interested. Which kind of documentation  - and in which form - would you think is most needed to help you when implementing? Let me know by mail or as comments to this blog.