People working within supply chain management defintely knows the term "Lean".  As in the Toyota production system where the ideas were first realized it refers to the removal of unneccessary waste in a production. I believe there is an opportunity to apply the same thinking to the way Dynamics Ax is implemented by our partners. It´s got to be simpler, faster and more effective to move Dynamics Ax from the point of signing a contract to running a live production system. Or in other words manage a truly "minimalistic" ERP implementation.

From talking to partners I know there is much time spent understanding the customers businesses and mapping this to how Ax works. Designing customizations based upon the gap analysis and business process documentation is a time consuming task and one that is very important to get done correctly.I could imagine there is an opportunity to provide tools and content to improve this process.

In another phase of the implementation, partners are spending time on migrating data from other systems. Having the right set of tools to handle data migration is another area where I see an opportunity to help out and simplify the life for partners.

What do you believe is a waste of time? We are looking for feedback on Dynamics Ax implementation and if you are consultant working with Dynamics Ax, a developer or other professional with insight into Dynamics Ax, we would like your feedback.

As you may know we have a new team called the Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner Productivity team, which is part of the Microsoft Dynamics AX product development organization. Our charter is to provide tools and content to empower partners to complete more implementations with their existing resources. Our goal is to understand your key pain points during an implementation and we have created a survey to collect your feedback to help us prioritize projects planned for upcoming releases.


Here is a link to the survey:


We request feedback from all disciplines involved in a Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation: Pre-Sales, Project Management, Consulting, Development and Testing. Please forward this to the appropriate people in your organization so we can get a complete picture of your implementation cycle.


You can also review implementation tools already available at our landing page on the MBS PartnerSource portal at


We hope you will also engage with us at the Microsoft Convergence 2006 EMEA in Munich, Germany. Look for the Partner Productivity team at Microsoft Dynamics AX Expo booths as well as roundtable sessions during the conference in November. Register for Convergence at