In my team we are thinking a lot about where partners are actually spending their time when implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX.

We have recently talked to a handful of partners and we have also received valuable feedback to a survey we sent out to around 300 contacts with our partners (look for survey results soon to come). Many partners tell us that they are spending time during process analysis with customers on rather trivial tasks, such as capturing how users wants modifications done - cut-copy-paste of screenshots etc. into documents and also preparing demos and training materials and doing a lot of screendumps manually.  To try help out we have created a small tool allowing partners to capture user interaction from Dynamics AX. We call it the "Task Recorder"

A beta-version of the task recorder is available for download from PartnerSource for registered partners of Microsoft Dynamic AX.

Task Recorder

The tool is useful in quit many scenarios and we would love feedback from our partners on the usage of it. It can be installed on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0.